Mobile Track & Analytics

Effective analytics are essential for anyone looking to make money from mobile apps or websites – some may say even more so than the desktop online space. The mobile market is fragmented, with a multitude of platforms and device types, which can have a significant impact on how users experience a mobile offering, as well as which users engage. The more insight you have into who is using your app and how, the more effectively you can optimize your current offering, and the more targeted you can make your future apps.

Knowing your user base

Who is using your app? The difference between a user experience on a 10 inch iPad and a 3.5 inch iPhone is enormous. The difference between a quad-core Android phone such as the Galaxy S3, and a budget Android device like the LG’s Optimus One, can be equally so when it comes to graphic intensive apps. Not to mention issues that may arise depending on what version of Android, or BlackBerry OS or Windows Phone a user is running. While it’s important to capture such data in real time, helping you optimise once you’ve rolled your app out, it’s also important to do some market research before you start developing. For instance, what are the demographics like for iPad users vs Android smartphone users, and does your app’s intended audience fall into any of those demographics?

Advertising and usage

If your revenue model is ad-based then counting app downloads isn’t going to do you much good. In order to maximise revenue from ads you need to know how people are using your app. Is your app keeping their attention? Where are they dropping off? What type of ads provide the high levels of engagement? Is your app more likely to be used in certain contexts that may affect ad engagement? Understanding usage is vital if you want to make money from ads. The same is true for mobile sites seeking to drive conversions. You need to know which pages are effective if you want to iterate and improve your revenues.

Insight on promotion

While it’s true that mobile tracking and analytics lags behind the desktop space, due chiefly to the lack of universal tracking standard and user privacy concerns, there are still plenty of tools available to give you visibility on how users are engaging with your mobile offering. In this section of the site – you can read about the different tools that are applied today for Tracking and Analytics in the mobile industry.