Macros and integration codes

Purpose of macros and integration codes
Using integration codes in conjunction with macros, you can easily integrate data in your RMX account with the internal IDs/billing codes that you already use in your back-end ad server or accounting systems.

  • Integration codes are the internal IDs that you use in your own system, mapped to the sellers, campaigns, creatives, and other variables in RMX that you want to track for billing and reporting purposes.
  • Macros are bits of placeholder code that insert integration code values into creatives’ clickthrough URLs, impression-tracking pixels, or the creative tags of third party creatives.

Note: You can enter integration codes only if your company has enabled the “Use integration codes” option is enabled in Tools > Customize.

Macros and their corresponding integration codes
The following macros and corresponding integration codes are commonly used in creatives/clickthrough URLs:


Macro syntax Parameter Integration code Description
${CLICKURL} (unencoded) or ${CLICKURLENC} (encoded) Click-tracking macro Not applicable Inserts the RMX clickthrough URL so that clicking on the ad first directs users to the RMX ad server to record the click, before redirecting them to the advertiser’s URL specified in the HREF section of the clickthrough URL or creative tag. The macros is automatically inserted whenever possible. Insert manually otherwise. The standard macro is unencoded; use the encoded version of the macro if required by the advertiser.
${CREATIVE_CODE} Creative code macro In creative wizard: “Code (optional)” field. Inserts the creative’s integration code.
${SELLER_BILLING_CODE} Seller billing code macro In seller’s Properties pop: “Integration code” field. Inserts the seller’s integration code.
${SELLER_LINE_ITEM_CODE} Seller line item code In seller’s Line item details pop: “Integration code” field. Inserts the seller line item’s integration code.

Setting up macros and integration codes for a campaign: example
As the direct response marketer placing a media buy for, you want to track the seller (publisher/network), creative ID, and line item using your internal IDs. Rather than customizing this for every creative in the campaign, which would take quite some time, the preferred method is to use macros to customize the clickthrough URL. And rather than setting the clickthrough URL on each creative individually, which would also take some time, you can set it at the campaign level since all the creatives share the same landing page.

First, you make sure that you have entered integration codes for each variable you want to track:

  • In the publisher Properties pop: entered 47 as the seller’s integration code in the “Integration code” field.
  • In the creative wizard: entered 5558 as the creative’s integration code in the “Code (optional)” field.
  • In the publisher’s Line item details pop: entered 132 as the line item’s integration code in the “Integration code” field.

Then, you assign the clickthrough URL at the campaign level, in the Campaign details pop. Insert the variables and macros that correspond to the integration codes:${SELLER_BILLING_CODE}&crid=${CREATIVE_CODE}&LID=${SELLER_LINE_ITEM_CODE }

When a user clicks on an ad, the URL macros substitute the appropriate values, as follows: