Ad Operations goes hand in hand with Technology. As such, Advertising Technology encompasses the systems that pertain to online advertising including but not limited to: ad servers, order management, sales customer relationship management, ad management, buy side and sell side technology platforms, billing systems, creative builders, optimization, inventory management systems and more. Due to that, the demand for high quality technology personal & Ad Operation Professional in ad agencies and ad networks has increased in the past years.

Opened at January 2013, Ad Ops Buzz is a collection of Online Advertising news articles along with data feed and online tools for Ad Operations professionals. The site also provides statistical data & trends, glossary and IAB guidelines assistance, and a fast resource on Ad Exchanges and their technological aspects. The concept is simple – giving every Ad Operations Professional out there a one-stop location on the web for information and clarifications.
Simply put, we filter out all information (articles, news, and applied statistics & tools) in regards to Ad Operations and Technology on the web.

We invite every one to join and to be a part of this fast growing industry.

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