Facebook’s Mobile Ads Now More Expensive Than Desktop Options

Jun 19th, 2013 | By | Category: Ad Operations

Desktop ads are typically more expensive than their mobile counterparts, a trend Facebook is attempting to reverse by charging more money for its mobile ad solutions.

Carolyn Everson, Facebook’s VP of global marketing solution, revealed on Monday that the cost to reach 1,000 customers (CPM) is now higher on mobile devices than on desktop PCs.

Thanks to a presentation from the Wall Street Journal we know that overall CPMs for mobile are typically $0.75 compared to $3.50 for desktop ads.

It should be noted that those averages include some ads that may cost pennies on the dollar while others can cost upwards of $80.


While Facebook may be earning big bucks from its mobile advertising sales it should be noted that only about 2% of all company ad budgets are spent on mobile advertising.

Many brand managers are still attempting to figure out how they can convert mobile users into buyers. On a desktop users click through, take out their credit cards and make purchases. Many of those users simply trust their computers more and find the convenience to be a large factor for converting their desires into sales. In other cases advertisers are scared away because of their belief that geo-targeting isn’t as strong on mobile devices and therefore not as effective.

[source: socialnewsdaily.com]

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