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Jun 25th, 2014 | By | Category: Ad Operations
With the goal of helping you better understand how people respond to your videos on Facebook, today Facebook has announced that new video metrics in Page Insights and Ads Reporting are coming soon.
Today, as a Page owner, you can only see how many people started watching your video. When the new metrics roll out over the coming weeks, you will also see information like video views, unique video views, the average duration of the video view and audience retention. These new metrics are designed to help you learn what’s resonating with people and determine how to more effectively create and promote your videos on Facebook.
Here’s a look at some of the upcoming new metrics:
See video views and the number of people that watched your video
Facebook data will show both the total number of video views and the number of people who watched your video. A “video view” is defined as a view of three seconds or more and will appear for all videos, including those that come to life as people scroll through News Feed. They have also renamed the “video plays” metric “clicks to play video.” These register after a person has clicked to play a video and it has started.
Understand your audience and learn what’s working
The audience retention graph in Page Insights shows the level of interest in different parts of your video. Spikes in the percentage of views at a certain point may indicate that people are re-watching particular moments, whereas a dip could show the precise moment when most people lost interest and stopped watching.
Page Insights View
These new metrics will also allow to see the number of views that reached certain points in a video — 25%, 50%, 75%, 95% and 100%. This information can help discover how the video is performing and help you determine where to place key messages.

Ads Reporting View
Using the “data breakdowns” feature in Ads Reporting, one can also learn how specific audiences responded to your video. For example, if females between 18 and 34 are a demographic you target in your campaign, the data breakdown will show the number of views you received from that demographic.

Video metrics will be available for all paid and organic videos uploaded directly to Facebook Pages and will roll out gradually over the coming weeks. To learn more, check out our video metrics definitions and best practices guide here.
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